Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Post That Is NOT About Snow (even though it snowed again)

The book/lunchbox project is coming along.  Having to wait for the paint to dry does slow things down.  I  put in quite a bit of work today, and I think I'm close to finishing.

The box itself is on the far left, with cut out paper flowers on top - they still need to be painted.  The book is pretty much done - I used my own writing and words, in addition to printed quotes.  I'm not completely happy with my writing, but unless I repaint the whole thing, it is done.  I was thinking about adding flowers and buttons and do-dads to the pages of the book, but I think I like it better simple.

So I painted the medium size flowers and the leaves tonight, and tomorrow will paint the rest of the flowers.  While they dry, I can attach the painted ones.  And add the final touches.  Feet?  Or no feet?  Still debating.  Also debating "antiqueing" the lower half of the box.  It's covered with torn book pages but they're awfully pristine.  A little toning down might be in order.

And the words I used around the edge of the lid didn't go as far as I thought they would.  So, more words?  Repeat the same phrase?

More pictures tomorrow.

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ooolia said...

cool! can't wait to see more.