Thursday, February 25, 2010

Maybe Next Time

Well, everything got cancelled.  School, my class, everything.  And after a little bit of disappoinment this morning (ok, a LOT of disappointment), I've made my peace.

For a while, it looked like the class would be rescheduled to Sunday - which would still have been impossible for me, unless I let the kids play hooky from church and found a sub to teach my Sunday school class.  And I left early to take Rachel to her dance exam.  The prospect of having it rescheduled and STILL not being able to attend was frustrating, but it turned out most of the other students had conflicts as well, so they're just going to refund my money.

I'm still out the fee for the class I missed yesterday, unfortunately.  No help for that one.

So we have more snow coming down.  A LOT of snow, but fortunately it is not accumulating as much as it could be as the temperature was just above freezing much of the day.  I think we caught a break there, because it's been snowing HARD almost all day, and we'd probably be looking at multiple inches except that it's been melting.  It's a very wet, heavy snow too, so there is a lot of concern about power outages.  Not much I can do about that, so not worrying about it.

John has been gone almost 3 weeks, working for CTV in Vancouver on the Olympic broadcast.  Not actually a glamour job, he's been working 12+ hour shifts in the broadcast center.  And while he can watch the feed from every single camera there, he's only managed to get tickets to two events.  Of course, one of them was the Women's Hockey final tonight, so we don't feel TOO sorry for him.  He gets back on Monday.  Can't wait.

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hokgardner said...

Oy. I can't imagine solo parenting for three weeks straight. The longest I ever went was 10 days, but that was back in the days of just one kid. And my mom came to help.

I'm sorry about your class getting cancelled.