Saturday, February 6, 2010

And Yet More Snow

Oh, yes, the "stormageddon" has hit us.  Well, not really us, I think the worst is well south of here.  We have about 4-5" and it seems to have stopped, so really pretty normal for here.  It is a bit windy out - the kids are out sledding down the sidewalk with neighbors so we'll see how long they last.

I had to take John to the airport this morning for a 7am flight - and yes, he did check to make sure it was still scheduled.  Air Canada, so I guess snow doesn't scare them.  I must say, driving to the airport at 5:30am in heavy snow was a bit more adrenaline than I usually care for that early in the morning.  The local roads were very slick, there seemed to be ice underneath the snow, and the first few miles of the interstate were only slightly better.  Then, boom!  Suddenly, no snow, just wet roads.  Clearly that town had gotten their salt on the road at the right time.  Clear sailing from then on, and got him to the airport only a few minutes later than hoped.

Driving back was somewhat easier, I took the longer and more interstate-heavy route.  Didn't help much, though, there was again a clear dividing line back to snow-covered road, and the snow was definitely heavier the further west I drove.  But it was easier because I didn't have a deadline in that direction.  I had the internal debate - do I stop and get donuts or bagels as a treat for the kids?  At that point, I decided I just wanted to be home in one piece, so, no.

So I am safely home, and already took a nap because it was a short night.  Rachel and William are out frolicking withe the neighbor kids.  My very kind next-door neighbor is currently snowblowing my driveway - unasked.  I mentioned yesterday at the bus stop that John was flying out, so I'm sure that's why.  People are so nice.  But I was ready - I even got gas for the snowblower yesterday, and I was going to teach JC how to do it.  After all, I have a teenage boy for a few more years, I have to take advantage of that, right?

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