Monday, February 8, 2010

And Even More Snow?

No, really, they're predicting 12-18" for New York City, and we usually get a little more.   We'll see, though.  We've been missed by a bunch of storms, so I'm not assuming anything.

Last night, we had the church youth group over to watch the Super Bowl.  In years past, we've all dumped our kids at one martyrs' host's house and gone home (or to an adult only party!), then picked up the kids at halftime.  This year, I am a "widow" (John is off to Vancouver for the rest of the month), so a couple of the parents said they would stay to keep me company.  Turned out almost all the parents stayed, and it was a good party!  The littlest kids got bored, since they weren't interested in the game, and the teens mostly hung out in the kitchen and talked, but that meant that the adults mostly got to watch the game.  We had WAY too much food (no surprise there) and Rachel and William both had stomache aches at bedtime.  Hmmm, could it have been all the kettle corn, chips, and ice cream they ate?  Ya think?

There's been lots of commentary on the commercials, so I won't say much besides that I loved the Google commercial.  If you missed it, go look on the Internet.  It was charming.  Even my 15 yr old son thought so.

And, yes, even though I love Peyton Manning, it was really cool that the Saints won.

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Lisa C said...

I loved the Google commercial too! And I like Peyton Manning, but was glad the Saints won. It was a good game.