Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Once Again

It is indeed New Year's Eve.  We have new snow on the ground (very pretty so far), and no plans for the evening.  John and I dropped off the 2 older children for a day-long D&D marathon and took William to the grocery store, so we have a large variety of salty crunchy snacks in addition to the remainder of the frozen cream puffs that did not get eaten at Christmas.  (Lest you think we have remarkable self-control, we had 1/2 the large bag of cream puffs in addition to innumerable homemade cookies, peanut clusters, and nearly 15 lbs of fudge.  Ask my sister how to "fail" at No-Fail Fudge sometime.)

There is currently a debate about playing Monopoly vs. Risk, or should we watch the movie we got for Christmas or perhaps the one we've had from Netflix for a month?  My vote is for a movie so I can keep knitting on the headband for my sister (my plan is to knit a hat, but stop before I start the decreases).

We had a variety of frozen appetizers for dinner (yes, we cooked them first).  William tried Ramen noodles for the first time (yes, he liked them).  I'm feeling so unambitious it's amazing.

It's not a bad way to start the year, I think.  The only way to go is up.  And while I appreciate the customs and superstitions that say you should start the new year with a clean house and money around and all the things you want to perpetuate into the new year, I think I'm ok with happy children and full tummies.  We'll be cozy and lazy and snuggle with each other.  And if that's what the new year holds?  That's a good thing.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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Susan Z said...

My noodle boy would be so proud of William...Ramen is one of his favorites.