Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's Very Quiet Now

Everybody went home yesterday.  My sister's family (My sis, her husband, 4 yr. old twin boys and 2 yr. old daughter), and my mother.  They'd been here since last Tuesday (Monday for Mom).  It's been a houseful - 11 people at every meal.  We even all trucked into New York (by subway, no less!) to go to the Museum of Natural History on Dec. 26th, along with what seemed like the rest of the world.  It may not have been the best choice of dates to go, really.  But the kids loved it.

It's been really really fun.  And a little trying at times (good thing we have 3 bathrooms!).  The kids got along remarkably well, with a few spats here and there.  And so did the adults.  And while I'll admit to enjoying being really really lazy today and "cooking" dinner by pulling random leftover appetizers out of the freezer, I miss everybody.

Makes me wish they all lived closer and we could do this more often.  But not right away.

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Susan Z said...

Since then we have seen the Museum of Natural History in two things (Night at the Museum 2 and a documentary on PBS) and we can say "We've been there!"
We had a great time. Today Doug said something about "When I watched video games at my friend's far away" and I knew he was talking about our visit to you.