Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Stress Much?

There are still rumours FLYING around the high school in the wake of the bomb threat, about shootings and fake fire alarms and whatnot.  So much so that the principal gave a general address on the PA about "don't pass along these text messages" and "terrorists and shooters don't give warnings so knock it off".  I know of several students that have stayed home at least one day because they were freaked out.  We don't break for Christmas vacation until the 23rd.  It can't come soon enough, these kids need a break from each other!

Holiday cleaning is...coming along.  I'm torn between getting it done and waiting until the last minute so it STAYS done.  3 kids?  The half-life of bathrooms around here is pretty short.

I'm sort of, not really, almost done with shopping.  I'm in the phase where I keep realizing I need a present for so-and-so (including teachers!).  I keep thinking I'm almost out of time, because my Mom arrives on Monday and my sister and her family on Tuesday - but really, I can get some shopping done while they're here.  Probably.  And the knitting for my mom?  Not looking like it's going to make it.  Maybe.  We're going into New York City on Tuesday, and I'm thinking it would be tacky to be knitting her present while with her on the subway.  Ya think?

Trying to embrace that "Christmas Spirit" and be mindful of the reason we do all this.  It's hard sometimes.

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hokgardner said...

I'm leaving Christmas cleaning until the very last moment and focusing on the daily digging out that I have to do with four kids running loose. And now that they're out of school for three weeks, the half life of my entire house is about 2 hours.