Friday, January 8, 2010

Alabama Left and Do-Si-Do

We went out to dinner tonight, and during the looooong wait for food (it was very busy on Friday night, go figure!), John asked William what he did today in school.  Turns out that gym teachers everywhere do a square dancing unit in January - I remember doing it in the middle of winter when I was in school.

Today, William said, they learned to "alabama  left".  That would be "allemande" to those of you who remember your own square dancing days.  He even demonstrated, with glasses on the table, exactly what an "allemande left" and a "do-si-do" are.  And it was clear that he had paid attention and actually enjoyed square dancing.  Sigh....I wish I thought it would last.  You know there will come a time when square dancing isn't "cool" and therefore he'll decide he doesn't like it.

But until then, perhaps I'll get him to teach me how to alabama left again.

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Bill said...

There is still hope... One of our boys is on the swing (dance) team at the middle school and seems to be enjoying it. One of his classmates wanted to do it and talked him into trying out. They've performed at a couple of assemblies and will be performing at the half time at one of the high school basketball games.