Friday, December 11, 2009

Well, THAT'S a New One!

Our high school is closed today. There was a bomb threat, and in the interest of safety, they cancelled classes for the day, while the police and bomb-sniffing dogs go do their thing. We got the robo call at midnight last night.

Huh. Not something that happens every day (at least around here). And wouldn't you know it, today JC actually NEEDS something from school. He's auditioning for the regional High School band tomorrow, and was going to bring home the good tuba from school (the practice one we have at home is kind of on the crappy side). To his credit, when I told him at 6am that he had no school, his first question was about the tuba.

None of the other schools in the district have been closed - but we got the phone alert from all of them letting us know what was going on. I think they were worried about rumour-spread and needed to reassure parents that their kids were safe. Fine, but if I hadn't been up to talk to JC, I would have been annoyed at the phone call at 6:15am. And then for the other school at 6:30.

I did get an email from the band director saying the high school would be open at 6am tomorrow. Auditions are at 8am, so we should be okay- but I would feel better if we could get the tuba today.

What was that about "best-laid plans"?

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