Monday, December 14, 2009

Not So Quiet In Lake Wobegone

It's been a very non-quiet week here in Lake Wobegone.  Turns out the bomb threat was real - at least, they've arrested two teenagers and found bomb-making materials, black powder, guns, ammo, etc. at their houses.  Nothing at the school (or at the school the 2nd suspect attends).  Several of the teens at our church were expressing the opinion that going to school today was unsafe.  The target date for the attack is today, but I seriously doubt that if there ARE any remaining conspirators, they would carry out any plan today.  I'm going to guess that the "increased police presence" at the school will be considerable.  So I sent JC to school this morning.

He was seriously dragging, though, because he didn't get home until midnight last night.  Since the marching band won the regional competition, they got invited to play halftime at the Giants-Eagles game last night.  So if you watched the game on television, you may have noticed a band standing in a semi-circle for about 2 seconds before they slapped the halftime logo over them.  That was us.  Everyone was very excited beforehand, however, by the time JC got home, he was cold, tired, and hungry.  Giants Stadium lived up to its reputation for being REALLY COLD, and JC was tired enough to be rather unimpressed.  The only other comment he made?  It was really loud.

JC also had his audition for region band on Saturday.  His audition time was set for 1pm, but they were running seriously late and he didn't actually play until after 3.  That probably didn't help, but he also said he was really nervous.  Regardless, he didn't get in.  Could he have practiced his scales and solo more?  Well, of course, but he did put in a (somewhat) reasonable effort.  And now he has a year to get those scales down before next time.  One of his good friends did make it (Yay, Nick!), and another tuba player from the school, who JC did admit is better than he is, just barely squeaked in as 8th out of 8.  We knew it would be competetive.  But he's clearly a little bummed about it.

Let's end on a high note, shall we?  The youth group at our church FINALLY performed the musical they've been practicing for what seems like forever.  Other than wishing we had scraped up more of an audience, it went spectacularly well.  Rachel, John (in the part of "Dad"), and William performed, and JC ran the sound system and hit all his music cues.  Kudos all around, and hooray!  No more Sunday evening practices!

And now a quiet week?  I wish.  Mom arrives Monday, my sister and her family on Tuesday, and, oh yeah, there's this little holiday called "Christmas" that requires shopping, and baking, and cleaning.  The good news?  John is NOT travelling all week.  Hooray!

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hokgardner said...

That is seriously scary about the school. I'm glad the kids were caught and no real harm was done.