Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quit Whining

I just wrote a big whiny post about band camp and missing bus schedules and...deleted it. The weather is beautiful, I'm very proud of JC for how well he has handled band camp, and if the bus schedule doesn't show up, I'll drive Rachel the first day.

We are camping in Pennsylvania this weekend. By ourselves. I'm bringing knitting, a book (maybe two), and while I will pack my swimsuit, I have no actual intention of using it. I'm going to eat whatever I feel like (for the most part) and just chill. I have packed cookies.

Tuesday will be a whirlwind of activity, with school open houses, dentists appointments, and more band practice, but on Wednesday? They all go back to school. Just a half day, true, but Thursday will be a regular day and hopefully that calm while they are gone will enable me to handle the after school chaos with equanimity and grace. Mostly.

And the best news? John is making huge strides on the deck. I need to take some pictures, but we've gone from the slow progress of hole digging to the lightning speed of framing. Kazaam! It's awesome!

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Lisa C said...

I like the sound effects with the framing. That so sums up a lot of home work.... slow then wham you can see progress.