Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

Somehow, the start of school feels far more like "New Year's Day" to me than January 1st. This is the new beginning, the fresh start. It's going to be an interesting year. JC is going to be far busier this fall than he's ever been before - could be good, no time to get bored, or it could be a disaster. It WILL be an adjustment. He's had few activities outside school for the past couple of years. Rachel will have her first taste of changing classes, although we don't know how much she'll be changing yet. And she's a bit of a worrier, so hopefully her teacher will be understanding. William will have to contend with higher expectations in 2nd grade. He has a hard time focusing when he's doing seat work, so that's going to be an ongoing challenge.

I've realized I have a consignment sale in 4 weeks, so I really need to get on the stick for that. I have activities to create for our Sunday School kick-off next Sunday, and of course, all the support activities for everyone else's needs. John will be leaving for Amsterdam on Wednesday, so he'll get a taste of the kids' first half-day, then be gone for almost a week. To his credit, he is upset that he'll miss JC's first performance and competition for marching band. But there will be more!

School starts Wednesday. Tomorrow is our dry run - I've told the kids that I'm waking them at school times tomorrow. But that means I have to go to bed as well. Ugh. I'm looking forward to the school year - except for that waking up thing.


Susan Z said...

We did dry runs for school too! Oh, and tell Rachel that I was a worrier too and I did fine. Take a copy of your schedule so you are not worrying about double checking where to go next.

hokgardner said...

I had no problem getting the girls up for school on the first two days. They were so excited that they popped right out of bed. Day 3, however, was a different story.