Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Not Dead Yet

I am mostly recovered from my cold (except for a TRULY impressive cough, but it's occasional), but now am knee-deep in the joys of consignment sale. Yes, our church consignment sale is happening again this weekend, and I am again running it. This time with less pre-sale support than ever, although that's mostly because I'm bad at asking for help. You have your own stuff going on, I know, and I wouldn't want to impose. Not a good feature in an event chair, I'm afraid.

However, things are actually reasonably organized and (fingers crossed) somewhat advertised, so the main issue now is getting my OWN junk tagged and ready to go. I have remarkably few clothes on hangers, but a large pile of games and books, so I guess that's progress.

But I should go make more progress - since I have a back-to-school event tonight, one tomorrow, and then setup for the sale Thursday afternoon. Time is running out...

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