Monday, August 24, 2009

Barreling Onwards

That's what it feels like, at the moment. Summer is hurtling towards its conclusion, which for us is the week after Labor Day. But we're already thinking about school all the time.

JC starts Band Camp tomorrow. It's not quite all day, but darn close: 8am-3:30pm, then back for 6-9pm. And yes, it's fully August here, although not quite as hot and humid as it could be. We're actually getting slightly lower temps this week, which will be a blessing. And he's only got three days this week and four next. Falls under the "it could be worse" heading, I think.

We're still waiting for William's teacher letter. However, he's the only one who's received a bus schedule, so I'm kind of chafing at the bit to get everyone settled and know what my days will look like. I think we're at the mercy of the bureaucracy, so we'll get it when we get it.

I actually baked cookies today. Of course, they're for band camp so we don't get to keep all of them, but that's probably a good thing.

Off to bed early - we have to have him there by 7:45. AM. ugh.

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