Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nine Nine Oh Nine

I've been loving writing the date on all the school forms today. I "entertained" Rachel at breakfast this morning by reading her all of the "nine" facts that were in the paper in the article on the date.
All my little chicks made it to their appointed places and had a good day today.

I get the "bad mom award", because when I went to take a picture of William at the bus, my camera battery was dead. Of course, John had his Blackberry so we did get a picture, although it's a little fuzzy.By the time Rachel left, I had changed the battery. JC, of course, did not tolerate any pictures, nor was I allowed down to the bus stop. I contrived to take the garbage to the curb after he walked down to the bus stop, but the boys were standing off to one side of the street and I couldn't really see them.
Everyone had a good day (William described his day as "GREAT!" but couldn't tell me anything they did), only Rachel had "homework", although it seemed to be a survey about how she feels about science. I filled out all the forms, and just have to write the check to join the PTO at William's school. We went out to dinner at Red Lobster - John left this afternoon to a trade show in Europe, so JC was doing puppy eyes hoping for seafood (John's allergic, JC loves it). Tomorrow is a full day of school, with band practice (JC) and an orthodontist appointment (Rachel) and choir practice (me), so we're jumping right into busy. But the routine will be good.
Speaking of which, I've gotten to bed before 11pm the last two nights, and it makes getting up at 6am a WHOLE lot easier. Huh. Who woulda guessed?


hokgardner said...

We're two weeks in, and I'm still filling out forms and writing checks. Sigh.

Glad everyone had a good first day.

Jill in MA said...

Hmmm... I should try that going to bed before 11 thing.