Monday, September 21, 2009

Thanks for Sharing

John came home from a business trip last week, and brought home a cold. Very thoughtfully, he has shared with JC and I. JC recovered in 2 days, I'm on day 2 and feeling like something the cat dragged in. I'm crossing my fingers I'll feel better tomorrow.

It would help if I was sleeping better. Not that THAT has anything to do with consuming caffeinated beverages at dinnertime, or the impending consignment sale at the church that I'm running, or anything like that. No, no, stimulants and stress couldn't POSSIBLY be the problem. I sat down to watch football and knit yesterday afternoon, thinking I'd take a little break and then get to work, but ended up sleeping through most of the 1pm game. It helped a little, but not a lot, which is how I knew I was sick.

So I'm moving in a bit of a fog today. So far I've blown off the grocery store, which really can wait until tomorrow. But I did drag myself to the gym, but unfortunately that apparently has sapped both my energy and my motivation. I have to pick up both boys for a dentist appointment in an hour, but am I going to get anything done in that hour? Not likely.

So I will drink some (more) orange juice, and lots of water, and NO caffeine, and hopefully sleep well tonight. And feel better in the morning.

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hokgardner said...

Kids always bounce back faster than adults do.

Hope you feel better soon.