Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Grey Hair

Are my children conspiring to make me old before my time? I now have two children who are "not performing up to their potential." Rachel called and left a message (while I was at the library) that she had not done ANY of the DAILY reading log from last week. That has been due every week since school started. The teacher made her call, she was clearly upset.

Every day, I ask my children what homework they have, and (later), have they completed it? I occasionally check the online homework site to see if there might be something they've missed. I don't usually ask to physically see their homework, though perhaps that's been an omission on my part.

I thought the phrase, "have you finished your homework?" was fairly self-explanatory. I guess we're going to have to work on the definition of "finished".


Jill in MA said...

Well, clearly she was finished!

Susan Z said...

Professionally as a teacher, I think children need room to experience failure. It's not fun as a parent, but too many parents don't allow their students to experience failure early on and then when things get difficult some students to do not know how to persevere. Unfortunately it is easier to slow down a child than to speed them up when it comes to motivation.