Saturday, March 14, 2009

Maybe Even a Little More Grey Hair

No strep, but a fever -even with an adult dose of Motrin. It was kind of a rough night. Rachel had trouble getting to sleep because her throat hurt so much. Then she was up trying to tell me something important at 12:30am. I don't know if I didn't understand her because she has no voice or if she was "sleep-talking" or if I was too groggy since I was asleep. But it doesn't really mattter - she had no memory of that this morning.

She's on antibiotics, and I was starting to freak out a little because she has been SO miserable all day, but about an hour ago her throat started feeling better and the fever has stayed down, so maybe we've turned the corner.

Poor thing. She has no voice, and she's supposed to sing with the kids at church tomorrow, and then at the district Arts Festival on Tuesday. I think I'll encourage her to lip-synch. She's done the work, she should at least get to pretend to perform.


Jill in MA said...

Oh, poor girl! The pros lip sync, why shouldn't she??

Momo Fali said...

I hope she's much better now and that she can sing her heart out tomorrow!