Friday, March 13, 2009

More Grey Hair

Or, perhaps, "best laid plans."

John was planning on taking off work today so we could go to the Sugarloaf Craft Festival that's nearby. I even traded my library volunteer time so we could have more time. So of course...

Rachel was up in the middle of the night with a very sore throat and possible fever (thermometer was downstairs, it was 4:45am). We have a 10:45 appointment for a strep test.

Sigh. Even if she tests negative for strep, it's still not right to drag her around the craft festival. If she's well enough for that, she should be in school, right? But I was really looking forward to going today, rather than tomorrow with crowds.

And we got JC's progress report yesterday. He's slipping in classes he was at least holding his own in before. We had discussions about "focus" and "finishing". I do think part of the problem is the stupid system in our schools for music students. They start in 5th grade, and up until high school, they get pulled out up to twice a week for music lessons. It is their responsibility (in the middle school) to get to the class they will miss, let the teacher know they will miss, turn in homework, pick up any new homework, and then get to their lesson on time. The usual time for passing in this school? 4 minutes (or maybe it's 3). I think they get an extra minute or two to get to music, but it's at the farthest end of the longest hallway - quite literally as far as it could be from most of JC's classes. Given that he's already organizationally challenged, this is not helping. Can't WAIT for next year - in high school, band is a real class, with its own period. Getting pulled out isn't the only issue, of course, but it sure doesn't help. Many many kids drop out of music because it's just too hard to deal with.

And in Rachel's defense, she had done the assignment - she just couldn't find it in her backpack at the time it was due. And she was not allowed to turn it in later when she did find it. A little harsh for 5th grade, I think. Although she has had a minor problem this year with forgetting work (both at school and at home), it still seems like making her call me (and then worry all day because I wasn't home) was excessive.

It's been a long week. I fell down a couple of stairs yesterday because I stepped on a Hot Wheels car William left on the step. Yes, I'm ok (a little sore last night). Yes, we had a "discussion" about putting away toys. Yesterday, Rachel had to dress up as her biography report subject (Marie Curie! Guess who suggested that one!), and no, scientists at the turn of the century did NOT wear lab coats, at least in the pictures we found. So I found a long black skirt, and a black cardigan with long sleeves and a shaped waist, and we put a black polo shirt under to make a high neckline, and I put her hair up (as best we could, it's a little short). Seemed to be adequate - of course, I had to run all over creation to find a lab supply place to get a flask for her to use as a prop. After running all over trying to find skirts and high-neck blouses. In black. Wrong time of year.

Don't tell me I'm not a supportive mom. With rapidly greying hair.

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