Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Take a Deep Breath

The consignment sale is over. It appears to have been successful - we grossed almost 25% more than we did in the spring. How that translates for the church is yet to be seen - we give the consignors 70%, but if we have donated items we get 100% of that. But there's lots of counting before we know that number (each item sold has a card with the consignor code, so those all have to be added up).

JC survived his wisdom tooth extraction, part two. It seems to have been a little more painful this time, there has been much more Advil consumed. But he's in pretty good shape, and reasonabley chipper about the whole ordeal.

Rachel has gotten through the first orthodontic appointment (spacers, to make room for the bands around the teeth) and has her second one tomorrow.

William is just cruising along. His current project for school is to observe the full moon every month and draw a picture or write about it. He likes the observing part, the rest he could do without.

I volunteered for the intermediate school book sale. I spent 2+ hours today helping to unpack and arrange all the books, and also putting the "last book, please order" tags in the last copy of EVERY @%$&!! BOOK. And I get to spend 4 hours on Monday working the sale. But Rachel is thrilled, and I happened to arrive during her lunch today, so she got a hug and was excited.

And John had a big demo today, and then jetted off to Toronto for meetings.

I'm just waiting for the "slow" week. So I can work on all the things I put off until after the consignment sale. Hah!

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