Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Life in Pictures (at least a little)

This is a picture of the consignment sale. Rachel and another little girl are carrying in a big Little Tykes Tool Bench - they wanted to help, so we put them to work! I didn't actually take a picture of the room as a whole. I wish I had, it is a truly amazing amount of stuff that shows up. The depressing part is how much is left at the end, but we sold over $6000 worth of merchandise. When the average price is probably $2-3, that's a lot of stuff!

We are still bento-ing. I have mixed sucess. William just doesn't eat very much at lunchtime, and even using only half the box (which is way less than bento guidelines for size for his age), he still often doesn't finish it. The yellow box is Rachel's current favorite lunch. Peanut butter sandwich, no jelly, no crusts. Pretzels (they're square, so they stack nicely), and watermelon or currently apples in the lower compartment.

William's is grilled cheese, cut with the dinosaur sandwich cutter, carrots (currently cut thin because he has a loose tooth), and a box of raisins. He also likes tortellini, no sauce, and I've been cutting up leftover chicken or ham or whatever we had for dinner. I thought he'd go for peas, since they're usually one of his favorites, but not lately. And we've been experimenting with onigiri (Japanese rice balls), although he doesn't eat much of that, either.

And these are my silly kittens. I had boxes from a book order on the table in my craft room (which is a perpetual dumping ground for things in transition). And since there were boxes, there were kitties. George is on the left, Sheba on the right. They curled up and took quite a long snooze. They have been the most delightful companions. I'm not sure I've ever had cats that followed me around quite as much as these two. And they both talk to me, although George is much more vocal.

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Susan Z said...

I love the pictures. I particularly love the cat pictures because boxes always have cats (open it and they will come...)