Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just Say No

So I'm having a little puzzlement this week. I mentioned (to friends) at the gym on Monday that I couldn't go out for coffee that morning because I had to run to the grocery store and be quick because I was working the school book fair for 3 hours that afternoon.

I got the "don't you ever say no" and "you need to take some time for yourself" reactions. I really wasn't expecting that. Ok, I did consignment sale two weekends ago and garage sale this last weekend, and I happen to have both book fair and library duty this week. But my main agenda this week is getting ready to go camping this coming weekend, which is totally a family thing and very enjoyable. So the stress this week was just adding that extra in, not really the volunteer stuff - Monday just happened to have only a small amount of free time between gym and book fair, and I wanted to squeeze in groceries in there because we were out of a few things.

I really don't feel like I say "yes" too often. And when I do say yes, it's more likely to be a short term commitment, or once a month or something like that. Yes, the consignment sale is a lot of work, but most of that is concentrated around one week in the fall and another in the spring. Library is every two weeks (I haven't even been yet because of how the vacations have fallen!).

I do like to have "a broad margin to my days" (Thoreau). I would rather spread things out and not feel rushed, although I'll admit to being much more productive and focussed with a deadline. If I'm not doing the things I say I want to do, it's most often because I'm spending too much time poking around on the internet, or reading the paper. Both of these are habits I'm working on (especially since I had a habit of snacking along with reading the paper).

So I really wasn't expecting that reaction. Tomorrow I'm free for coffee! But I do still have things that need to get done. But that's always true.

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