Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kitty Knitting

Kittens and knitting don't go together. They're either attacking the yarn I'm using, because of course it moves, or trying to steal the skeins that I'm not using, because, well, just because, I guess.

Since I have finished hats for all three kids (although John decided that JC's was too "girly"), I needed a new project. Too many dollars worth of yarn from Michael's later, I spent yesterday evening figuring out a cabled scarf for Rachel - using the same yarn from the hats. She wants it to match.

I've decided it's just as well I haven't found my local yarn store yet - even the bins of sort of generic yarn from Michaels are too tempting. So now I have lots of yarn, I just have to figure out projects to go with it. I almost bought (twice, now!) a book of one skein projects that's divided up by yarn thicknesses. If you're like me, that seems like a good idea. And I need to figure out where to find more patterns on the internet. Free, ideally. And small - I need instant gratification.

I did buy a book of sock patterns. But it's a little intimidating to start that - the thinner yarn takes a whole lot more knitting than the chunky stuff I've been using. I still can't imagine knitting a sweater, but maybe someday.

Hundreds of dollars of investment in paper crafting - and I'm knitting. Go figure.


Susan Z said...

*Raises her hands a knitters anonymous* I will admit that I have a cardigan sweater that I started over three years ago. My hang-up at the moment is not so much lack of time, but the fact that I have to rip out one side because somehow I managed to knit the same side twice (even though I thought I reversed it)and the yarn I choose is only available online now (or at least last time I looked).

ooolia said...

they have some totally awesome patterns. none that I've actually knit, but wonderful ones to drool at.