Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bento, schmento

Ok, my gym partner called in sick, so I should be on my way to the gym but instead I'm blogging. So sue me.

A quick update on the bento lunches. William is eating more variety for lunch, although it's not clear he's actually eating any more at lunch time. He is often coming home and eating the rest of the bento after school, which is good. The bad is that he's decided he doesn't really like baby carrots (despite scarfing them down at most dinnertimes. ???) But today I suggested grilled cheese sandwich, which he was excited about. Only problem is that I burned it (doing too many things at once again) and had to start over so we were rushing. He grudgingly accepted apple rabbits, we'll see if he eats any. And he did make the bus, so all's well.

Rachel was excited to have watermelon in her bento today, and decided the rest of William's apple rabbits could hang out in the fridge and be her after school snack. So more variety of fruit in her, yay!

Apparently, cute food tastes better. Though with all the jokes about biting the heads off of rabbits, we may have much work for their future therapists!

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