Thursday, August 21, 2008

Surgery? What surgery?

Ok, I really don't hate JC. I'm just slightly resentful because he has bounced back from the wisdom teeth removal REALLY FAST. I'm astonished, because his cheeks aren't swollen, he wasn't nauseous, he seems to be in minimal pain, and he seems to be having only minimal trouble with chewing.

When I had my wisdom teeth out in my late teens, I remember crawling down the hallway to get to the bathroom later that afternoon, because I was still nauseous from the anesthesia. And I threw up, at least once. And felt lousy for days. And had obvious bruising and lots of swelling.

Yes, yes, I'm grateful that it's been only a minor speed bump in his summer, and he seems to be recovering very very well, and yada yada yada.

(insert nasal whine) Why can't I ever be the one to have a quick recovery?

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Barb said...

Yeah, me either. I got the dreaded DRY SOCKET when I had my wisdom teeth out. And threw up, multiple times. And this foot thing? The surgery was 03/07 and I STILL have daily pain. In my FEET, which is just so...not glamorous.

But I really just dropped by to tell you that I'd be glad to loan you Scout for keeping critters away from your garden. He's actually been sort of helpful --which I'm sure is an accident, but there ya go.