Friday, August 15, 2008

Fair Days

Our local 4H is having their annual fair. Yes, even here in New Jersey, we have a 4H fair, complete with cows, chickens, sheep, horses, etc. And model rockets, reptiles, RC cars, go-karts... Way more than I remember from my 4H days. All the food and sewing gets relegated to one tent labeled "Arts". But they still auction off the lambs.

Of course, I think the highlight is the food tent. Not as extensive as a state fair, but pretty darn good. They had fried oreos, but I just really couldn't go there. And Rachel got funnel cake that was stone cold and hard. I probably should have taken it back, but the kids ate it anyway. Along with ice cream waffle sandwiches and chicken nuggets and french fries...

I got to watch the finals of the women's all-around gymnastic competition last night, because Rachel was still up with a stomach-ache. I guess that's my silver lining, because I tried to give her Pepto for the nausea and she gagged and threw up. But then she felt MUCH better.

No surprise there. Maybe next time I'll start with that and save some time....

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