Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is It Really August?

We have been having the most un-August-like weather. The temperature has been in the low 80's (or lower!), the humidity is low, there's a gentle breeze.... Now this I could live in. Our normal August is about 10+ degrees warmer, humid, and stagnant. Or, as weather reports around here always say, Hazy, Hot and Humid!

It was too cold to go to the pool on Tuesday. How's that for August!

Except for some rain, JC is probably having good weather at camp - I was actually wondering the other night if he was warm enough, since he elected NOT to take his sleeping bag, just a light blanket. Because, after all, it's August and it's going to be hot.

We did go to the pool today after going to lunch at my favoritest Mexican place ever. Jose Tejas (Route 1 in Woodbridge) has awesome, cheap Tex-Mex food. Generous quantities, huge drinks, awesome salsa and fresh chips (they are not the BEST chips I've ever had, but they're way up there!). (Jill and Julia - it's the same chain as the Border Cafe in Harvard Square!) So we stuffed ourselves, came home, went to the pool, and I don't know how the kids didn't have stomach aches, since I sure would have. I sat on the side in the shade and talked to friends.

I did go in the pool briefly. COLD. William would get out every 20 minutes or so and spend 10 minutes on my lap, wrapped in a towel. Shivering violently. Did I mention that it's August? And supposed to be hot when we go to the pool?

We haven't turned on the A/C since last week. And I haven't wanted to, either. I don't do hot very well, and normally, don't really like August. But this year....this is ok.

Now watch, I'll have jinxed us into two solid weeks of misery.

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