Sunday, June 1, 2008

Street Fair

The little town south of us (where we used to live) had a Street Fair today. We went down after church and had lunch there, then dropped JC and Rachel at the gaming store for their weekly D&D session. William and John and I then leisurely walked the street fair.

I found a very cool visor/hat - nice broad brim, although it still leaves the back of your neck exposed. Adjustable, which is key since I have a big head (hey, that's not nice!) and most women's hats are too small. William found a very nice wooden two-rotor helicoptor and some little knit finger puppets. And he went on a couple of the big inflatable jumpy-things (do they have an official name?), and we bought junk to eat - Dippin' Dots ice cream, kettle corn, funnel cake.

But the best part is watching the people. Perhaps they're the ones that I notice, but I see a segment of society at events like this that really is not part of my everyday life. Lots of tattoos. Lots of piercings. Moms who were trying a little too hard to dress young (do they realize it makes them look older?). Dogs, dogs, dogs, and their people.

It was fun, though William and I crashed on the couch and watched "Little Bear" on Noggin afterwards. I love that he'll still snuggle up, and that he was willing to watch one of my favorite little kid shows. He hadn't seen it for ages, and he really enjoyed it. Still my little boy. I'm kind of savoring that sometimes, since I'm realizing how big he is getting.

But it's nice to have a little one for now.

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