Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Parental Guilt

Maybe it's just me, but there is always something to feel guilty about when you're a parent. My latest thing? JC's hair. He came home from school the next day complaining about it. I think he got teased. A lot. I thought he'd be fine, after all, we did exactly the same thing last year. But now he's in 7th grade, so Mom's admittedly mediocre haircut just doesn't cut it. I suppose we'll have to take him to a barber for some actual style next time.

And Rachel said something this morning about not cutting her hair. Nooooo! She has been growing it out to donate to Locks of Love (2nd time!) and I can't WAIT for it to be shorter.
A) It's really cute in a bob.
B) It's MUCH easier to brush. No more tears!
C) She wouldn't have to put it up every day.
D) Did I mention it's easier to brush? And wash?
She has started to put it in a ponytail herself for the last couple of days, I think as an effort to bolster her case. But she's spending a week at camp in July - there's no way she is going to get it clean in those showers, and there are TICKS in New Jersey. It's gotta go!

But I feel a little guilty about it.

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