Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shearing the Sheep

Most summers, we end up "buzzing" the boys' hair. Living in an area with ticks, not to mention heat and humidity, it's just easier. Especially since they both have enough hair for two people. We'd been letting JC's go for a while, and John suggested that tonight we could just do it. We always do it outside - it's just easier.
I've had my Wahl trimmer since JC was only a couple of years old. I've never cleaned or maintained it, particularly. Works great. I used the #4 comb, all over, then cleaned up the edges and sideburns.

JC is lucky (?) enough to have two cowlicks on the back of his head, plus one near his forhead, so this side of his hair looks a little funny because of that. And no, I didn't cut two bald spots, it's how the hair reflected the flash.

I think his teachers and friends aren't going to recognize him tomorrow. Can't wait until Rachel donates hers to Locks of Love. We have to wait until after the dance recital since it has to be in a ponytail. Maybe I'll buzz William tomorrow. Let's hear it for low maintainence!


Susan Z said...

I have to admit I like buzzing the boys too. And woohoo to Rachel for joining the Locks of Love donators!

Jill in MA said...

I love keeping Owen buzzed. I think it looks good AND his hair is so thick (He got my grandmother's hair) that even at about a 1/2 inch long, it's hard to wash -- it takes a ton of shampoo and is hard to get out. I've been doing a #2 on the back and sides and a 4 on top. I think we could go even shorter. (I let the pros do it, though, Owen would never let me do it.)