Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Channeling Alice Cooper

School's out for summer.....
School's out for ever....

Last day of school for the big kids today. Yeah! I'm ready for some sleeping in. Although we're scheduled to go down to the shore tomorrow for an amusement park, but we're not leaving until 10-ish.

Rachel came home crying, having realized she's changing schools and won't see her teacher again. I told her we can go visit her when we take William in to meet his teacher. Every other year Rachel has been buoyed up by the prospect of dropping by the old classroom on the first day of school. She's an emotional kind of kid. But I'll admit I did think this was a good year, a good teacher, and she learned a lot. She got A's in everything except Math (B), and Social Studies (B). I wasn't surprised. This year she had to learn all the states and she struggled with spelling, and placement if she didn't study. On the final test (all 50 states!) she got them all in the right place, but misspelled about 15. And somehow, she still struggles with basic facts in math. It's not second nature.

Something to work on this summer, I guess.

JC's report card will come in the mail. I don't know what to expect for him. His last progress report was good. Wonder if he maintained that?

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