Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Never Too Many Legos

My kids love Legos.  I love Legos - I'm not as creative as they are, but I've done my fair share of "Mom, can you help me put this together?"  Rachel keeps threatening to buy me one of the bigger sets for me to "put together by myself" (fortunately, her budget is small).

But I love this.  It's a Ford Explorer, made of Legos, of course, recently completed for the opening of Legoland, Florida.

Florida?  That's a LOT closer than California, or any of the other Legolands.  Hmmm...


hokgardner said...

Huge fans of Legos here. My sister played with them a ton as a kid, and my parents saved them all. They were a life-saver during our three-week visit to Atlanta.

Jill in MA said...

Wow, cool! I didn't know a Legoland was coming to FL... I see a trip to Florida in our future!