Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School

Everyone got off on time, sort of. 

John had an early morning flight cancelled, so he got up at 4:45am to sit in the airport for two extra hours.

JC and I left 5 minutes late to drive him to school, so we hit extra traffic around the school, which meant that ...

Rachel was at the busstop when I got back, so I stopped there and hung out with her for a while.  But her bus was over 20 minutes late so I left her there and went home to wake up William - and realized just after her bus came that she had left the oh-so-important computer and weapons "contracts" and her info form on the counter at home.

William's bus came exactly on time.  Then I drove to the Middle School and brought Rachel her forms.

And now I have 30 minutes before I have a volunter meeting, which I will leave early to bring JC lunch at school before Marching Band practice this afternoon.

Somehow, I think tomorrow will feel a little more like the REAL beginning of school.

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hokgardner said...

The first few days back to school are never as relaxing as I imagine them to be.