Thursday, September 8, 2011

Second Day of School

Again started WAY too early in the morning - this time with thunder and torrential rain.  Having a deja vu moment back to Irene.  Didn't we just do this?

JC drove to school in the rain.  It had slowed down a bit, fortunately.  Another traffic zoo - hoping that calms down in the next few days as the seniors get their parking assignments.

Rachel got out the door on her own, on time (with lunch!).  Her bus was even mostly on time.  She spent 30 minutes sitting on the bus at school yesterday afternoon because the driver couldn't get it to start.  Here's hoping THAT doesn't happen again today.

Got a robo call just after Rachel's bus came (on time) that buses were expected to be 10-15 minutes late because of road flooding.  Hmmm.  Made the choice to get William out the door at the regular time, figuring he'd noodle around up at the bus stop for 10 minutes.  Nope.  Bus was smack on time - the girl next door missed it because her father believed the message.

Now I'm puttering around the house, planning lunch with a friend, avoiding going to the gym.  THIS feels like the first real day of school.

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