Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day Anyway

We were closer to 6" than 18", and even 6" is being generous.  But they cancelled school last night about midnight (we get robocalls, which is actually awesome.  Sure beats trying to watch for your school to scroll across the screen.), because the forecast was for the heaviest snow from 2am to 10am.  Can't say as I blame them, it could have been nasty.  But we woke to blue skies and light and fluffy snow.  John cleared the driveway and went to work.  The kids and I mostly hung out, although we did manage to undecorate the Christmas tree.

But whatever I have been doing lately has messed up my back (I have arthritis in my lower back, and while there's always a low level of pain, it's usually not bad) and I can barely move today.  I did some stretching, which helped a little, but I'm thinking that Zumba at the gym may be to blame and perhaps I shouldn't go tomorrow.  Just when I was getting into a groove.


Susan Z said...

I'm so glad that I am not the only one with Christmas still out.... although it does sound like you are a bit farther in packing things up than I am.

Nick said...

Hey Ann, was reading some of your posts, and they are enjoyable to read. Gives a nice insight into your lifestyle.

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