Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Tuesday

Too many things I've been meaning to post but haven't, so I'll smush them all together.

1.  Rachel got an "A" on her mythology mobile.
The cards are color-coded by "generation" and have a picture of the god/goddess on one side and a brief description on the other.  Gods with multiple children have them hanging from a seperate rod suspended under them.  You can't see her, but way in the back is Venus/Aphrodite on a purple card with no parents because she (myths vary) pretty much appeared out of nowhere.

You really can't tell from the picture, but John showed Rachel how to cut the brass rods with a hacksaw and polish them up with a Dremel tool.  I don't have a picture of Rachel with her goggles on, polishing, but she was really into it.  She got them super-shiny.

2.  JC made the All-State Band.  Perhaps I should say it again.
Yes, we're just a wee bit proud of him.  To audition, you had to first audition for and be chosen for your regional band (there are 3 regions in NJ).  There were 8 tubas chosen for each region, so there were 24 total that were allowed to audition for All-State.  Out of all of New Jersey.  And then 8 were chosen.  !!!!
I have a great picture of JC in his tux, but Blogger has decided "no more pictures!"

3.  The weather continues to be Winter.  We have been 20-30 degrees below normal, which may not sound so terrible to those of you in the Frozen North, but it's been challenging.  Rachel missed the bus yesterday because John said he would drive her - because he didn't want to stand at the bus stop at 0 F.  Today has "warmed up" all the way to (maybe) 35F, but now we have a 90% chance of "significant accumulation" on Wednesday night.  We have one assigned snow day left in this school district.  Thursday is the first day of midterms for the high school.  Please.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.

4.  John is leaving for Florida tonight and staying until Friday evening.  Have no pity for him.  I have to refill the gas can for the snowblower today.


Jill in MA said...

No pity for John.

Ann in NJ said...

Especially no pity for John because it's snowing. I've already cleared the driveway once and will have to do so again in a couple of hours.

Anonymous said...

Was a beautiful day here in Cocoa Beach. Mid 70's, sunny. Maybe we need to move down here...