Friday, January 21, 2011

It's Getting Old Already

Ok, we've had two snow days and a delayed opening and it's January 21st.  This is going to be one of THOSE winters, isn't it?  One of those where we use up all our snow days and have to steal days from Spring Break and add some onto the end of the school year (which already goes into late June and makes me crazy).

And let me tell you, having a federal holiday and a snow day the next day makes parents crazy.  EVERY parent I talked to yesterday said, "Please, let it just be a delayed opening tomorrow.  I can't take having the kids home another day!"  It didn't help that Tuesday's snow day was really an ice day - we had freezing rain and extremely slick roads and you couldn't even throw the kids outside to play in the...slush?  Sleet? Muck?

New Jersey is right on the edge of snow country.  We have some winters that have little to no snow, and we have others where we get hammered.  And just when you think you know what to expect, well, no, you didn't.

Ok, finally time to shovel the last kid out the door.  I'm just glad we're out of the Intermediate School.  With a two-hour delay, the bus didn't come until almost 11.  And then the oldest would get home at 2:30.  Yippee.

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Jill in MA said...

Yeah, I'm sick of it, too. And this week there's a professional day Friday, which means early release Thursday and the day off on Friday. And we may get another snow day thrown in there.... Ugh!