Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Update

I will upload the pictures of the wedding present as soon as I figure out where John put my camera.  We brought it to the wedding, he had it in his pocket (since, you know, men's clothes actually HAVE pockets), and I don't know where it got to.

We had a lovely time, the weather was lovely for an outdoor wedding, and the whole event was very fun.  I shouldn't have worried about what to wear so much - the dress ran the gamut from fairly casual sundresses to backless halter mini dress with 4 inch heels.  And everything in between.  My dress was comfortable enough (a little lot warm in the sun) and I actually ditched my stockings half-way through the cocktail hour.  I wore flats and was glad of it - the ground was slightly damp from rain a day or two ago, and all the women in spike heels were sinking in.

The event was at a historic mill (state park) right on the Delaware and Raritan Canal, so we were treated to kids jumping off the bridge to go swimming and lots of bicyclists passing by.  Ceremony was non-religious, outdoors in a grassy area next to the canal.  (They wrote their own vows, so sweet!)  Cocktail hour was in the basement of the mill (and just outside), with lovely appetizers that just kept coming (prosciutto on toast with some cheesy stuff and balsamic vinegar was a fave).  Dinner was outside in a larger grassy area with an excellent band playing quiet music, and also very good (at least, the fish I had was excellent, John said his steak was a little overdone).  Then dancing, inside the Mill, to the same excellent band + the rest of their members.  If you ever need a band for an event nearish Philadelphia, or see them playing at a local club, I highly recommend The Philadelphia Funk Authority.  They were incredible.

I will admit to being a little sore and tired on Sunday (we weren't up THAT late, but haven't been out dancing in, oh, say, forever?).  Ok, ok, I fell asleep on the couch in the early afternoon.  But we had a really good time.  And now, it's Monday equivalent again.  And I'm procrastinating going to the gym (which I really need given the vast quantity of good food I consumed at the wedding).  Onward!

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