Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Over

Spring 2010 Soccer season is officially over.  There was supposed to be a tournament next weekend, with each team playing three short round-robin games "for fun."  But the notice came late, there was an entry fee (we play town "rec" soccer, the league for those who don't care much), and not enough teams signed up.  They had Rachel's 6th grade team playing 4th graders, so we pulled out.  They had William's 2nd grade team playing 2nd grade boys, 3rd grade boys, and 4th grade girls.  ???  His team was going to play, but last night the whole thing got cancelled.  Too many teams unhappy with the format, I think.

Can't say as I'm disappointed.  This means that for the first Saturday since early April, we have NO soccer games to attend.  We can legitmately sleep in.


Of course, we still have Rachel's 2nd dance recital.  But that's not until 6:30pm.  I think I can be up by then.

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Jill in MA said...

Enjoy your sleep-in! We've got one more week of soccer and then we're officially in summer mode. The last day of gymnastics was today! Woo hoo!