Friday, June 4, 2010

There Is No Remedy for Love But to Love More

That's the Thoreau quote that our friends used on their wedding invitation.  Very sweet, eh?

So, as promised, pictures!  Alas, I did not take "before" pictures, but I will try and explain all the pieces.

I tried to take a picture of it hanging, but, you know, it moves.  The pink bird on the tag is a punch-out from the save-the-date card.  It was stuck on a cool sepia-toned picture of the old mill that was the venue - but I could NOT figure out how to include it.  So I peeled off the bird and used that.

I made a memento box for them as well, from a Club Scrap kit I've had hanging around for ages.  The paper didn't match their theme at all, but it had that same vintage-y feel to me.  I made the card to match the box, it says "Love is the master key that unlocks the gates of happiness" on the inside.  The couple's initials are on the spine of the box, same paisley paper as the card.  Cut out with my Wishblade.

So I put the mobile in the box and laid the card on top.  I debated wrapping the whole thing, but was overruled by husband and daughter.  I did put it in a plain white gift bag to make it easier to carry.

I sort of wish I had not left it in the bag - it looked very plain on the gifts table.  However, it was apparently a big hit with the couple.  She recognized that everything was from their invitation (except for the wire!) and really loved it.


I have to say, as craft projects go, assembling and covering the box was WAY harder than assembling the mobile.  The mobile was a little finicky - after you tie everything together, you just slide the strings to the points where everything balances.  Then add a drop of glue on each knot.  But it wasn't hard.  When we're talking projects, the part I find hard is content (and little tiny things you have to manipulate are always frustrating).  But I don't really think of myself as an "artist" and so things I write or draw or collage always feel a little pretentious.  I'm working on it.

However, I've picked up a new art form.  You'll have to wait until the pieces dry, though.  :)

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Lisa C said...

Very cool and nice that she recognized everything in the mobile. It's always cool when recipients "get" the gift.