Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fail Whale

Just saw the infamous "fail whale" on Twitter for the first time.  I know, so lame to be excited, but I am.

I was GOING to tweet that John's car failed on the way home from roller hockey (so maybe the fail whale is more appropriate than I thought...).  He and JC caught a ride home with another hockey parent, and now he has called AAA and gone back to meet the tow truck.  With his dinner in a Tupperware, poor guy.

So with this, whatever it may be, and John going out and buying a suit (and a 2nd one for $100, and some shirts and ties and a pair of shoes (I should NOT let him go shopping by himself)), and the money I spent on a dress and necklace for the wedding we're going to this weekend, not to mention the gift...

I think the budget is shot for this month.  Does this mean I can just give up and stop cooking at home and talking myself out of buying things (not that I'm good at that anyway)?  I keep hearing about how Americans take on too much credit card debt and spend more than they make.  Can I just be like everyone else?

Don't yell at me, of course I know better.  I'm just tired of turning the A/C up to 80 and sweating today.  And cooking, somehow cooking has become a real chore instead of enjoyable.  Doesn't help that it was 92 degrees today and I didn't have anything in fridge or freezer that I could grill.

Oh, and I am still making something for the happy couple.  We bought them a gift, but I am also using parts of their "save the date" card and their wedding invitation to make a mobile.  A little different, I know, but when I pulled out the invitation to contemplate using part of it for a book, I had forgotten that the illustration on it was an old-fashioned hot air balloon.  (It was a funky, cool invitation, I wish I had thought to scan it before I cut it up, to share with you.)  That said "flying things" to me, and with all the pieces of the cards it seemed perfect for a mobile.  I promise I will take a picture when it's done (I'm close).

And I've discovered yet another obsession.  Carving my own stamps.  It is ADDICTIVE, I tell you.  Yet another thing to spend money on, though.  But there always is, right?

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