Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Song in My Heart

Printed on a VanderCooke proofing press.  Hand-carved image, Font is Kaufmann 30pt.  Hand-mixed ink color (from what was around).

Can you find the error?


Jill in MA said...

Gorgeous! What's the error?

Anonymous said...

I know, but I'm the one who spotted it in the first place!


Ann in NJ said...

The "l" in "fails" is upside down - there's a notch on one side of the letters that helps you orient them (espcecially useful for d and b and p and q) but I must have missed that one. Or used a #1 instead, that's possible.

Anonymous said...

I figured it was just the font, but I did wonder about it the first time I read it.