Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cat Furniture

I am typing one-handed because I have a cat (Sheba) snuggled in the crook of my left arm, fast asleep.  Deep enough asleep that I can pet her and she doesn't move.  I think I may be stuck for a while.

Unfortunately, John doesn't usually buy the sleeping cat excuse as a way to avoid doing something.

It drives the kids nuts because the cats are "mine".  As in, they're usually in whatever room I'm in, and often on my lap if there's room.  If we're all sitting on the couch, both cats will usually walk over everyone else to get to my lap, no matter how enticingly the kids call and pat their legs.  Especially if I'm knitting, which may explain my low ouptut lately.

So my role in the cats' eyes seems to be 1. giver of food (even if the kids feed the dry food) and 2. cat furniture.

Now if only I could figure out how to keep my arm from falling asleep.

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