Monday, January 5, 2009

Images of Christmas (just)Past

Our Christmas tree. John wanted one that was two feet taller, since there was room for it! I said no, but I suppose one more foot would have been nice.

Enjoying the tree from a different perspective. John always wraps lights around the trunk so the lights look even - the kids discovered it was really cool in there.

We did have snow on Christmas - but this was a week before and we didn't have nearly this much by Christmas Day.

I baked cookies. These are sugar cookies painted with egg paint by Rachel and William, then accented with a little icing. They were yummy AND pretty.

More cookies - rosettes. They must be somewhat regional, because most people didn't seem to know what they were.

I just spent the evening organizing many of the pictures on my hard drive. And since we're back to school and 6am came REALLY early this morning, more blogging will have to wait until tomorrow. John told me last night to wake him up when I got up with JC. This morning, I shook his shoulder and got, "Really? It's only ten after 6!" So tonight, I think we need to hit the hay a little earlier...


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Jill in MA said...

I knew I'd seen almost those exact cookies somewhere else! Check out:

Looks like a swell Christmas!

Ann in NJ said...

Yes, I got the idea for the egg wash from Pioneer Woman - Rachel and William did a great job painting.