Saturday, January 24, 2009


We were having breakfast this morning (late, because we slept in!), when something caught my eye out of the back window. "Look, kids, it's the fox!" We all ran to the window, and watched not just one but two red foxes hanging out in the woods behind the house.

They were back beyond where our grass ends, which is fairly open trees. Two foxes, trotting around and checking out various scents (I assume), but looking pretty relaxed overall. Every now and then one would sit and make itself comfortable, wrapping its tail around itself just like the cats do. It would sit for several minutes, and then I guess its friend would find something interesting, and it would get up and go check it out. We watched them for a good 10 minutes, or more, until they finally wandered back far enough we couldn't see them through the trees.

They were the largest foxes I've seen in this area, and the first time I've seen two together. I'm not completely convinced they weren't coyotes, but I'm pretty sure. I think.

Our last fox was smaller, but even more bold. He would come trotting through the yard, while we were outside, completely unconcerned. It was actually a little freaky. He was quite regular for a long time, then I saw a fox (assuming it was the same one) get hit by a car. We've seen one on occasion since then, but usually just passing through.

For all the Jersey jokes about refineries and toxic waste dumps, we sure get a variety of wildlife!


Momo Fali said...

We live in the city, between two freeways, but near a large metro park. Coyotes and deer can often be seen, but it never fails to shock me!

Lisa C said...

It scares me how casual they get about humans being around. It's definitely not safe for them, and less so for us as well. It's nice to know they are still out there though!