Monday, October 29, 2007

Better Living through Chemistry

Well, got most of the errands done, the important ones anyway, and got Rachel to the doctor. I switched to a family practice this summer, and I am SO happy I did. This was Rachel's first visit, and we happened to get the doctor I've been seeing, so it was all very chummy and comfortable. Dr. Cavallo asked which ear hurt, and took a look and said, "Wow! Have you looked at this? You should come take a look at this." So after 12 years of being a mother I finally got to look through the otoscope and see a raging case of otitis media. I really like this doctor.

So we have the mandatory bottle of amoxicillan in the fridge, and this batch is orange-flavored, which is Rachel's favorite, and I gave her Advil before bed so we both would sleep. As childhood sicknesses go, this ain't so bad. At least from my point of view. I don't have flaming red in my inner ear.

So they SHOULD all go to school tomorrow, and I SHOULD make cookies for the bake sale at the preschool on Saturday, but no promises. I did get the pie pumpkin that's been on my counter for 3 weeks cut up and steamed and pureed and in the freezer in pumpkin-pie sized batches. Watch out, hubbard squash, you're next (cue Psycho music and large knife shadow).

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Jill said...

Thankfully, we've never had an ear infection in my household (knock wood), but I'd like to hope that our pediatrician would be cool enough to let me look.