Friday, October 26, 2007

Bad Mom Alert

Ok, we all got to our evening on time and now everyone is in bed. And no, the brownies have still not shown up to make my kitchen magically clean during the night. I must be doing something wrong.

Am I a bad mom to hope for rain so we don't have to get up for soccer in the morning? I sign my children up for sports, they enjoy playing, I enjoy watching, but halfway through the season I get excited at cloudy skies and the prospect of a day off. Especially those nights when we have multiple activities. I suppose I could avoid the whole issue by cutting out all activities, but that seems worse, somehow.

Ok, since I am still hoping for rain, I can make back points by actually cleaning up the kitchen BEFORE morning, right?

1 comment:

Susan Z said...

Gee...the brownies tend to skip my kitchen also. However, that chemistry thing about increasing entropy where things like to be disordered seems to have no problem in my kitchen.