Tuesday, October 30, 2007


My 5-yr old cracks me up. Daily. He just came downstairs for our nightly ritual of "Mom, I'm scared in my room alone" and "I want some company while I fall asleep." Every night. I alternate between "tough, just go to bed" and "you're not alone, we're all in the house."

Tonight I explained to him that his bedroom is directly above my craft room (where my computer is) and so I'm closer than I would be if I were in my bedroom. So we spent a moment explaining where his bed is (from below), where his door is, etc. We decided that his door is right above one of the lights, which got an "Awesome!"

I find it hysterical that my kindergarten kid says "Awesome!" like a skate punk (probably an '80s skate punk, I don't know if they say that anymore). But it's still funny.

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Susan Z said...

I have to admit I get a kick out of hearing my two year olds say thing are "cool".