Sunday, May 2, 2010

Green Things and Hallucinations

When I was in High School, my friends and I thought it was funny to greet each other that way.  But as we are in the season of green things, it seemed appropriate.

We have started Spring Sports season here.  Practices, games, lessons, it's all fitting into the calendar reasonably well, although there's a lot of driving going on.  And it means that our formerly quiet (for the most part) evenings are over as of now.  But that's ok.  The kids are enjoying their sports, and so far, all teams are performing well.

But it also means I spend a lot of time waiting for game/practice/lesson to finish, and as I'm too cheap to spring for internet access for my phone, my computer time is more limited than before.

Some might say that's a good thing...

Greeting and Salutations to you and yours.  Happy Spring!

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ooolia said...

hey! new banner, too.

I like it.