Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweater Quest by Adrienne Martini

I went to the bookstore to buy something for John's birthday, and came home with TWO books for me.  (Yes, yes, and something for him)

I didn't open the book until sometime just before 3pm.  I finished it about half an hour ago, and that includes supervising homework, making dinner, a band parent's organization meeting, and MULTIPLE interruptions from my (beloved) annoying children.  Can't they see that I'm reading?

I know I'm a fast reader, but it really is a quick book, and pretty easy to pick up and put down.  And I enjoyed it thoroughly.  She's a mom, a knitter, a writer, and a college professor.  She likes many of the same things I do (NPR!  Terry Pratchett!  The Yarn Harlot!) and is clearly about the same age I am, so I identified with almost everything in the book.  Except the Type A personality thing.  Adreienne challenges herself to knit an insanely complicated Fair Isle sweater - and finish it in a year.  The last bit is the really hard part.

The book is not just about knitting, though, she goes a lot into the WHY of knitting.  Why handknit something that you could buy for much cheaper with less effort?  While she doesn't pretend to answer that question once and for all, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey she goes on to explore answers.

Good book.  Probably even for non-knitters (she translates).


hokgardner said...

I may have to give this a look-see. THanks for the recommendation.

Lisa C said...

Sounds like fun, I'm looking for a light fun book after just finishing a fairly heavy read.